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Convert a CSV file to an anki deck

Upload your CSV file and receive an Anki deck. You can view and edit the resulting deck before downloading.

Please note, that the CSV file has to be structured like:
Note: If either the question or the answers contains the CSV delimiter character (e.g. ,), then the affected column must be wrapped in quotes ("").
Example: "Question1, that has a comma delimiter", "Again, the answer also contains a comma"

Frequently asked questions

Which file types are supported to convert to an Anki deck?

Currently, we support the conversion from excel (.xls, .xlsx) or libre office / open office (.ods) spread sheets, CSV (.csv) and markdown (.md) files to Anki decks (.apkg).

Do my documents need to be structured in a specific way?

Yes. In order to allow us a correct conversion of your documents, they need to be structured properly. You'll find a description of the required formats on the pages of the different converting tools.

Can I edit my deck before downloading?

Yes, you can edit the field of each question and answer, before downloading the deck, when converting an excel or open office file.

What is a model id and deck id for?

Internally, Anki uses unique numbers to identify used data structures like models and decks. If you want to update a deck, that you've already imported into Anki, it is necessary, that this deck uses the same model id and deck id like it had when you imported it initially. If you don't specify the ids, the converters will generate new ones.

What is the deckname?

It's the name of the deck, that Anki displays on its front page.